The Glenmutchkin railway (1845) by William Edmonstoune Aytoun

The plot: Two men, after being refused to buy shares in the established railway companies, decide to create their own railway company. My thoughts: It the middle of the industrial era in Great Britain. While I knew a lot about the factories and what-not, I hadn’t thought about how the stock market was a huge... Continue Reading →

Dersu Usala by Vladimir Arsenjev

Translated into Norwegian by Kari Rustad Iversen. The plot: Vladimir Arsenjev was a Russian explorer who travelled in Siberia and around the Russian/Chinese border. On his travels to the Ussuri river he befriended a huntsman called Dersu Usala, whom  accompanied him on some of his travels.   My thoughts: Have you ever looked at a... Continue Reading →

What to do about #victober?

For those who don’t know, the month of October has one of the biggest readathons in the English-speaking book-sphere. During October readers are encouraged to read Victorian books. I know that a lot of people enjoy #victober immensely, and there is a reason why it’s one of the biggest readathons in the English-speaking book-sphere. While... Continue Reading →

Female Sufi Poets

Sufism is a branch of Islam that focus on the internal path of the Muslim. Sufism draws inspiration from ascetic traditions and focus on how people need to empty their heart and mind of elements like earthly desire and selfish distractions so that they would be filled with nothing but Allah. By doing this, they... Continue Reading →

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