Fru Inés by Amalie Skram

Plot: Mrs. Inés is unhappily married, and at the time of the story, spending her time by the coast of Turkey. Here she is surrounded by her male fans and female enemies, trying her best to figure out how to become happy. My thoughts: I didn’t like this book when I first began reading it. I... Continue Reading →


Oroonoko by Aphra Behn

The plot: Told in first person by someone other than Oroonoko, the book opens by talking about Oroonoko’s past as the only grandson of an African king. He was raised to be the future king, and the book goes into details about how wonderful he is. Oroonoko later falls in love with Imoinda, and without... Continue Reading →

Shirley by Charlotte Brontë

Plot: Caroline Helstone is an orphan, and therefore living with her uncle, one of the vicars in the area. She is bored, because as the vicar’s niece she is too well off to get an occupation as a governess and as a woman she can’t find a job fitting her station. Her only highlight is... Continue Reading →

A rouge’s life – Wilkie Collins

Wilkie Collins is one of my favourite authors. I just love his characters, mostly because they are not what you would think of as common main characters. In The Woman in White, you have a female lead solving the mystery and saving the day. In The Moonstone you have a foppish landlord, the villain in... Continue Reading →

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