The seven Dials Mystery by Agatha Christie

Several people are spending time at Chimney, which has been let by Sir Oswald Coote. A young man, Gerry Wade, has a bad habit of sleeping in. As a joke his friends decide to buy eight alarm clocks to wake him up early in the morning. The joke fails when Gerry is found dead the... Continue Reading →


They came to Baghdad by Agatha Christie

After Victoria Jones is let go from her job, she runs into a man named Edward. He is charming, and Victoria falls in love with him at once. They only catch is that Edward is leaving for Baghdad the next day. Victoria is determined to follow him no matter what it takes, or no matter... Continue Reading →

A rouge’s life – Wilkie Collins

Wilkie Collins is one of my favourite authors. I just love his characters, mostly because they are not what you would think of as common main characters. In The Woman in White, you have a female lead solving the mystery and saving the day. In The Moonstone you have a foppish landlord, the villain in... Continue Reading →

Bleak House by Charles Dickens

I was looking forward to reading Bleak House for years. I heard it was a well written, thou complex, book which you had to “work” for. I like books I have to “work” for, thou with work I do not mean boring or completely outside of my level of competence. I wanted a book that... Continue Reading →

The Double – Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Imagine you try to enter a party, but are scoffed by your host. Walking home in the snow, confused, in the dark, almost alone on a bridge, you see a man identical to yourself. The Double is one of Dostoyevsky’s most famous novellas. However, I wanted to promote The Double considering Dostoyevsky’s novellas are not... Continue Reading →

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