The man in the panther’s skin by Shota Rustaveli.

Written in the 12th century, this book was written by Georgian poet Shota in honor of Queen Tamar. On day The King of Arabia, Rostevan, is out hunting with a huge party. In the woods he sees a man by the river wearing a panther’s skin (has also been translated to tiger’s skin). Rostevan want... Continue Reading →


The Heptameron of the tales of Margaret, Queen of Navarre.

Margaret, Queen of Navarre was actually a very interesting person in her own way. She lived during the reformation in France (her brother at one point being King of France). While devoutly protestant, she converser with people from different groups and were considered a protector of all. She married twice, the second time to the... Continue Reading →

Hans of Iceland by Victor Hugo

What do you do when one of France’s, if not the world’s, most famous authors places his first novel in your country (Norway)? I don’t think there is one solution that fits everyone, but I chose to read and review it. I must admit I haven’t read any of Victor’s other works. I know of... Continue Reading →

The Argonauts – Eliza Orzeszkowa

Sometimes you find a hidden gem that you understand why became hidden. Either the book isn’t good enough to fight obscurity, others have a language barrier that hinder even brilliant books to shine internationally. Other times you find hidden gems you take offence with are hidden. This is one of them. The story is very... Continue Reading →

The Black Prophet by William Carleton

In a community struck by illness, hunger and poverty, how can a 20-year-old murder influence the lives of the people? Turns out, in a lot of ways. We are in a small town in North Ireland (then just Ireland) in the 19th century. Sarah, who’s uncle disappeared under mysterious circumstances 20 year earlier, is in... Continue Reading →

Narcissus and Goldmund by Hermann Hesse

Always an interesting question, is a book a LGBT+ book if it “only” has LGBT+ characters, but isn’t about being LGBT+? “I hope death will be a great happiness, a happiness as great as that of love, fulfilled love” Narcissus is a monk novice-ish (he’s not new, but isn’t a full fledge monk yet), who... Continue Reading →

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