The tales of Genji by Lady Murusaki

The plot: The book follows Genji’s life, his ups and downs and many, many love affairs. Even those people who have no sorrow of their own often feel melancholy from the circumstances in which they are placed. My thoughts: I wanted this blog to be about books I liked that haven’t, for one reason or... Continue Reading →


A world gone mad: The diaries of Astrid Lindgren 1939-1945

The plot: After Germany decides to invade Poland in 1939, an unknown secretary decides to keep a diary about what happens during these unrests. She plots down her own thoughts, newspaper clippings and other things she can pick up here and there. My thoughts: There are two groups who would want to read this book.... Continue Reading →

The Lais by Marie de France

The plot: Marie de France (the name means Marie from France)’s Lais is a collection of Chivelric romance set in a poetic rhyme scheme. The stories aren’t connected. I read the Norwegian translation by Helge Nordahl. My thoughts: I don’t know how many French, female writers there were in the Middle Ages, but I feel... Continue Reading →

Woman and the black bird by Nini Roll Anker

Meytal (@biblio) has explained that WITmonth was to highlight women who didn’t write in English. I therefore want to spend this month and especially highlight lesser known Norwegian authors. Usually I only write about books that are translated into English. Since the point is to highlight non-English speaking writers, I won’t be following that rule... Continue Reading →

How to library?

When I was kicked out of my apartment because it was being sold of to developers, my partner said I could move in with him. I therefore moved all my stuff into storage and was happy everything had worked out so calmly. Now we have bought our first apartment together, and we are moving my... Continue Reading →

The Four Loves by C. S. Lewis

Plot: Lewis discusses four kinds of love in the world, affection, friendship, eros and charity. My thoughts: I’m a huge Lewis fan, and I found out it was about time I read some of his more essayistic works. Cleo was going to have a readathon of this book, and I decided it was a great... Continue Reading →

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