Ali and Nino by Kurban Said

Ali and Nino is a romance story told through the eyes of Muslim Ali who falls in love with Christian Nino. While they both live (and as far as I could tell) were born in Azerbaijan, Nino’s family comes from Georgia and draws a lot of influences from European culture. Ali and his family draws... Continue Reading →


After the divorce by Grazia Deledda

Constantino Ledda is convicted for murder and sent away for 29 years. He leaves behind his young wife Giovanna and their baby boy in the poor town in Sicily. There is a new law allowing young wives to divorce their husband if they are sent away for more than 10 years (even though Constantion declarers... Continue Reading →

The Bridge over the Drina by Ivo Andrić

You have only to ocmpare various historical periods and you will see the progress and meaning of man’s struggle and therefore also the “theory” that gives sense and direction to that struggle. - XIX The Bridge over the Drina is one of my new favourite books. It chronicles the story of the people in Višgrad,... Continue Reading →

Ben Hur by Lewis Wallace

I’ve seen the film Ben Hur, and I knew it was about a man who was fighting Romans and riding chariots (yes, marvel at my memory XD). So I was a bit surprised when starting to read that it opens with the three wise men searching for the new born Jesus Christ. Then we were... Continue Reading →

Hide and Seek by Wilkie Collins

I love Wilkie Collins. And, considering most of his work is lesser known it’s always a treat to read his books because you don’t know what you are getting. So when I found a new audiobook called Hide and Seek, I had to download it. I was not disappointed. The book follows Valentine as he... Continue Reading →

The Maias by Eça de Queiroz

I read The Maias by Portuguese writer José Maria de Eça de Queiroz for #Tometopple, and it’s taken me a week to write the review. The truth is that I still don’t know how I actually feel about this book. The story is very simple, Carlos Eduardo de Maia is a wealthy, literary doctor (don’t... Continue Reading →

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