American Indian stories by Zitkála-Ŝá

The story: A collection of her memoires, short stories and poems.   My thoughts: Zitkála-Ŝá (1876-1936), was a member of the Yankton Dakota/Sioux tribe (an native American tribe). She was educated in a missionary school and therefore learned both how to read and write, but also gained information about the white nation. She became a... Continue Reading →

The student comes back home (1936) and The story of one of them by Migjeni

Translated by Robert Elsie About: The two short stories were written in the mid-1930s. Both stories tackle the issue of women’s position in society, with The student comes back home is about being married to a man you don’t love and The story of one of them being about a prostitute. "You can see they’ve... Continue Reading →

The Lais by Marie de France

The plot: Marie de France (the name means Marie from France)’s Lais is a collection of Chivelric romance set in a poetic rhyme scheme. The stories aren’t connected. I read the Norwegian translation by Helge Nordahl. My thoughts: I don’t know how many French, female writers there were in the Middle Ages, but I feel... Continue Reading →

Detective Muller by Auguste Groner

I’ve read The case of the pool of blood in the pastor’s study and The case of the registered letter, which are both short stories about Joe Muller. Ever short story starts with an introduction to the main character in these detective stories (so yes, Joe Muller is a detective). These introductions starts as follows:... Continue Reading →

Short story by Laza Lazarević

You know you are in for a ride when the introduction to the book starts with “Laza Lazarević is often called the Serbian Turgeniev,” and you think “That’s well and good, and who is Turgeniev?” Laza Lazarević is the author of a collection of short stories. I read the first six, written between 1879 and... Continue Reading →

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