Round the sofa by Elizabeth Gaskell

The story: Round the sofa is a collection of novels/novellas about the topic of life lessons, bound together by a frame story of a group of friends sitting in the sofa. My thoughts: According to some sources, Charles Dickens called Elizabeth Gaskell his “dear Scheherazade”. I understand a lot of that sentiment, by the fact... Continue Reading →

The student comes back home (1936) and The story of one of them by Migjeni

Translated by Robert Elsie About: The two short stories were written in the mid-1930s. Both stories tackle the issue of women’s position in society, with The student comes back home is about being married to a man you don’t love and The story of one of them being about a prostitute. "You can see they’ve... Continue Reading →

Oroonoko (1688) by Aphra Behn

The plot: Told in first person by someone other than Oroonoko, the book opens by talking about Oroonoko’s past as the only grandson of an African king. He was raised to be the future king, and the book goes into details about how wonderful he is. Oroonoko later falls in love with Imoinda, and without... Continue Reading →

Detective Muller by Auguste Groner

I’ve read The case of the pool of blood in the pastor’s study and The case of the registered letter, which are both short stories about Joe Muller. Ever short story starts with an introduction to the main character in these detective stories (so yes, Joe Muller is a detective). These introductions starts as follows:... Continue Reading →

The devil’s pool by George Sand

The Devil’s Pool starts with a contemplation about nature in paintings and farmers in the natures hand. She ends the second chapter with: I knew the young man and the beautiful child; I knew their history, for they had a history. Everybody has his own, and could make the romance of his life interesting, if... Continue Reading →

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