What to do about #victober?

For those who don’t know, the month of October has one of the biggest readathons in the English-speaking book-sphere. During October readers are encouraged to read Victorian books. I know that a lot of people enjoy #victober immensely, and there is a reason why it’s one of the biggest readathons in the English-speaking book-sphere. While... Continue Reading →


The Emperor of Portugallia by Selma Lagerlöf

The plot: In a small town in the countryside in Sweden in the 1860s, a poor farmer, Jan, becomes a father and for the first time feels happiness and love. When his daughter, Glory Goldie Sunnycastle, turns 17 years he is pressed for money by his landlord. His daughter moves to a larger city to... Continue Reading →

Female Sufi Poets

Sufism is a branch of Islam that focus on the internal path of the Muslim. Sufism draws inspiration from ascetic traditions and focus on how people need to empty their heart and mind of elements like earthly desire and selfish distractions so that they would be filled with nothing but Allah. By doing this, they... Continue Reading →

The tales of Genji by Lady Murusaki

The plot: The book follows Genji’s life, his ups and downs and many, many love affairs. Even those people who have no sorrow of their own often feel melancholy from the circumstances in which they are placed. My thoughts: I wanted this blog to be about books I liked that haven’t, for one reason or... Continue Reading →

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