The seven Dials Mystery by Agatha Christie

The_Seven_Dials_Mystery_First_Edition_Cover_1929Several people are spending time at Chimney, which has been let by Sir Oswald Coote. A young man, Gerry Wade, has a bad habit of sleeping in. As a joke his friends decide to buy eight alarm clocks to wake him up early in the morning. The joke fails when Gerry is found dead the next morning with seven of the eight clocks on the mantel piece.

I’ve read Agatha Christie books since I was a kid. I loved reading the books while I was sick, because they were well-written enough that I didn’t get annoyed, but not so advanced that I couldn’t keep up while sick. With a few exceptions, I don’t re-read the books. Then there were none and The Orient Express are two of the exception. The Seven Dials Mystery could become a third.

[F]iction is founded on truth… unless things did happen, people couldn’t think of them.

Christie’s biggest strength in her writing are they way she writes characters. I can christie-sevendials__spanimagine she was a keen people watcher, and she manages to write characters that are complex, flawed, but lovable. They aren’t perfect, but you root for them. Bundle (don’t you just love the names given to the English upper-crust XD) has clearly been raised by the elite, but she is also brave and quick witted. To me, most importantly, she is well rounded and not a self-insert character (I’m growing so sick of those). You can imagine her as the friend that keeps dragging you into places either of you should be, but she will stand by you no matter what happens.

It’s a rotten job, but somebody’s got to do it.

I didn’t see the twist (It’s Christie, I assume I’m not spoiling anything here) coming, and I love Christie for it.



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